7 StageSceneLA Awards- Best Director/Best Musical
10 Ovation Nominations- Best Director/Best Musical

“Wow….. a terrific, entirely new production design…..Memphis is elevated to the status of instant musical theater classic, one which entertains, moves, and educates, with a definite emphasis on the former, thanks to Robert W. Schneider’s nuanced yet pizzazzy direction….rivals any Broadway production today!”

                                                                 - Stage Scene LA

Memphis is in town for a mere two weekends. In other words, you’ve got (as of this writing) today, tomorrow, and next Thursday through Sunday to get yourself up to Thousand Oaks for as thrilling and entertaining a show as Broadway—and Cabrillo Music Theatre—have offered in years.”

-                                                               -Los Angeles Times

“A smashing version of Memphis! Cabrillo has an inexhaustible array of onstage talent and a dynamite production, highlighted by Robert W. Schneider’s strong direction.”

                                                                - BroadwayWorld

“Every now and again, a theatrical production comes along that is simply a joy to watch. That show for me was Tuesday's opening performance of College Light Opera Company's “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.” It is a triumph of acting, singing and direction and exceeds expectations on almost every level…… I've never been impressed by past “How to Succeed…” productions I've seen, but the CLOC show has a fresh comedic approach and engaging characterizations. The production is well-paced under Robert W Schneider's direction……If you can see a show this summer, get a ticket to this one. It is one of the best-performed shows that I have seen. Period..”

                                                                 -Cape Cod Times


“How to Succeed is an enthusiastic success! How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” got an energetic revival from the College Light Opera Company at the Highfield Theatre Tuesday night with some dazzling performances from the lead players and fast-paced support from the CLOC ensemble .Stage director Robert W. Schneider and his team conspire to keep the laughter bubbling throughout the show!”

                                                                       -Cape News


“CLOC’s How To Succeed certainly does! Director Robert W. Schneider's clever breathes new life into this theatrical gem.

                                                                 -Barnstable News

“Not many plays can mix hope and heartbreak, humanity and humor in the framework of drama. But not every play has all these ingredients so served up by a stellar cast in a great production with flawless direction. That’s why Good People is the first MUST SEE show of the summer.

                                                           -Williamsport Gazette

“Robert W Schneider has tapped an ideal cast to inhabit the play. This production is simply amazing”

                                                               -Centre Daily Times

“Robert Schneider expertly pulls a wide range of emotion from the talented cast.” 

                                               -The Williamsport Sun Gazette 


“Four out of Four Stars. One of the most beautiful evenings of theatre I have ever seen.” 

                                                            - The Daily Collegian

"An extremely eclectic repertoire that made up a delightful evening conceived and directed by Robert W. Schneider...It’s hard to imagine anything much funnier, even on Broadway."

                                                                  - Theatre Pizzazz

“Highly recommended. One of the best productions I've ever seen!” 

                                                    -The Penn Stater Magazine 


“The Centre Stage production of “All My Sons” draws the audience into the Kellers’ world, so that just like in a real family, it’s hard to take sides…… all of the actors in the the Centre Stage production of “All My Sons” deliver strong performances. …” 

                                                        -The Centre Daily Times 


"Arthur Miller's powerful tale of two families confronting an unspeakable crime during WWII was a powerfully staged drama mixing Penn State's theatre students and Equity actors.” 

                                                    -Williamsport Sun Gazette


“All My Sons is mesmerizing…..From curtain to curtain the transformation of the characters-and the transport of one’s soul-is unimaginable….See it if you can. This is powerful theatre.” 

                                                                   -Altoona Mirror 


"With a top-notch cast and frantic pacing, "Leading Ladies" may fracture some of the audience's funny bones… Robert Schneider's direction is a major factor in helping "Leading Ladies" succeed as a farcical romp. Using every inch of the small Cabaret stage, and creating separate scenes (the Moose Club stage, train compartment, etc.), Schneider adds to the madcap merriment with his superb staging. With hectic pacing, costume and gender switches and rapid-fire playing out the plot during curtain call, "Leading Ladies" is hysterical entertainment. Millbrook Playhouse is well-advised to try to hold this cast together to reprise this season's likely hottest ticket."

                                                    - Williamsport Sun Gazette

"Something you got to see for yourself. This comedy doesn't let you down - with swift and minimal scene changes, interactions with the audience, funny conversations and relationship dynamics, and a window into the life and jokes of the 1950s director Robert Schneider wonderfully adapted this popular play to the quaint Poorman Cabaret."

                                                                       - The Express

“A moving, surreal roller coaster of a musical! One of the best shows produced at Fordham! Skilled, sensitive direction by Robert W. Schneider”

                                                                  -The Ram Journal

“The show captivates the audience……Schneider creates an environment which suits the production perfectly….A high quality production in all regards…….an emotionally moving experience…..”

                                                                     -City State Arts

“Uproariously funny….. Schneider has conjured an amazing evening of entertainment.” 

                                                                        -LA Weekly 

“Kudos to Rob Schneider and team for leaving no joke untold.” 

                                                       -Orange County Register 

“A Must See!!!!” 

                                                                         -Plays 411 

“Schneider delightfully creates an evening that makes one nostalgic for days when musicals were just flat out funny!" 

                                                              -Pasadena Gazette 

“A moving, delicate reimagining of Sondheim’s masterpiece…Schneider perfectly finds the balance between raw emotion and hysterical commentary.” 

                                                             - The Altoona Mirror 

“Indeed, no theater could have asked for a more thoroughly entertaining and gently educational salute than this wonderful two-hour show, written, produced and directed by Robert W. Schneider. Clever and brilliant! ”

                                                                  - Theatre Pizzazz

“Space limitations prevent me from relating all the moving anecdotes told during the magical 54 Celebrates The Neil Simon Theatre...the whole thing was adroitly managed by Robert W Schneider."

-                                                           -Cabaret Scenes, NY

“The Good Doctor is REALLY good…..what a delight…….the evening, under Robert W Schneider’s direction is just hilarious…..” 

                                                    -The Penn Stater Magazine


“Penn State Centre Stage presented Neil Simon’s THE GOOD DOCTOR this week and if there ever was a show to delight the theater lover, this is it! Credit goes to Robert W. Schneider for directing a smooth, fast paced show.” 

                                                                -P.O.V. Magazine 


“The Good Doctor draws laughs…..Very funny, indeed!” 

                                                            -The Daily Collegian 


“Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor gets a memorable rendering under the direction of Robert W. Schneider, causing many laughs in under two hours.” 

                                                                  - Altoona Mirror 


“Hysterical!!! Great acting under the direction of Robert W Schneider.” 

                                                       - The Centre Daily Times 

“Next Stage Cast Glows in ORSONS’S SHADOW….. It isn’t easy to get the perfect blend of humor and drama, but the Next Stage’s production of Austin Pendleton’s “Orson’s Shadow” does exactly this…… directed by Robert W. Schneider, it is an entertaining play, as dramatic as it is humorous, and incredibly acted.”
                                                        - The Centre Daily Times

"It was a Valentine Treat at Feinstein’s/54 Below when a cast of the musical theater’s most talented singers performed in “Broadway Couples sing I Do! I Do!” smoothly directed by Robert W. Schneider. The show at Feinstein’s/54 Below was pure genius and an amazing accomplishment to assemble and rehearse this stunning cast. The audience jumped to their feet in appreciative applause as it was clear they had witnessed a “once in a lifetime” event!"

                                                                   - Theatre Pizzaz

“Hilarious! Big laughs, catchy songs, and a tender romance! We want to see more of this talented group! Fantastic direction from Robert W. Schneider and music direction by Justin Fischer”



“Each song was followed by raucous applause, and all the jokes had the room roaring with laughter. Team StarKid, and director Robert W Schneider, should be very proud of this performance, and in Twisted in general."                                                                                                                           -


“An incredible event not to be missed! The staging allows the music to fill the air and let the show be enjoyed in an all new world”                                                                                                                                            -

“From start to finish, Harper Regan remains interesting, entertaining and thrilling. The thought and care that went into each of the performances, as well as the creativity in adapting it to The Attic stage, was evident and mesmerizing to watch……a must-see-performance.”

                                                                    - City State Arts

I just saw a great play at State Theater…..“Ten Unknowns,” by Jon Robin Baitz, is superbly written, acted, and directed . I highly recommend it. ……Great stuff. Go see it!!!”

                                                        - The Centre Daily Times

On Friday, Millbrook Playhouse opened Rock of Ages on the Ryan Main Stage. This self-aware production is laugh-out-loud funny if you like your humor on the bawdy side. If you're headed to see Rock of Ages, you should be ready for a Rock concert. It's loud and colored with bright, flashing, moving lights, and copious amounts of fog. It's a fun, Rockin' evening”

                                                                         -The Express


Seldom does a show figuratively raise the roof, but Millbrook's pulsating production of "Rock Of Ages" practically shakes the rafters in the old barn theater. One of the opening weekend performances had the full Millbrook audience howling, clapping and sometimes singing along with one of the more familiar rock tunes. With precise movements and great timing, plaudits go to director Robert W. Schneider. Millbrook Playhouse probably has never been the site for such a show, but "Rock Of Ages" is a production that can "blow the dust off your souls and some rock into your heart.

                                                                       -Sun Gazette

Starring Tony Award Winner Beth Leavel
NY1 Valentine's Day Pick!
Starring Tony Nominees Johanna Day & Amelia Arkin Campbell
Starring Caroline Bowman (Wicked)
Starring Darren Criss (Glee) & AJ Holmes (The Book of Mormon)
Starring Oscar winners Bobby & Kristen Lopez and  
          Tony Award winner Christopher Durang
Starring Tony Award winner Robert Morse & Josh Grisetti

"A huge amount of fun. Kudos to producer/director Robert W. Schneider for putting on such a fun and entertaining show."

                                                                      - StageBuddy

“Penn State’s latest offering, under the direction of Robert W Schneider, offers up intriguing theatre…”

                                                              - The Altoona Mirror

“A great big thumbs up!”

                                               - The Williamsport Sun Gazette

“From Up Here is given a successful production….Directed by Robert W. Schneider, the production is often riveting and always provocative….He guides the cast with a gentle, and steady, hand…”

                                                        - The Centre Daily Times

“Truthfully depicted…..phenomenal acting……Robert W Schneider brings humor and dignity to the whole show.” 

                                                            - The Daily Collegian

“Watching this old chestnut get a makeover makes you thankful that there are directors as brilliant as Schneider working today.” 

                                                       -The Ventura County Star 

“A courageous, inspiring production…..Schneider’s production reminds you why this story is so powerful. Superb in every way.” 

                                                         -The Los Angeles Times